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TBF Financial The Value of Your Distressed Assets

Fill out our questionnaire below with some basic information, and we will give you an idea of what we will pay for your distressed assets.
Company Name

Just give us approximate answers to the following questions for a pool of distressed assets that you might consider selling, and we can give you an idea of a price range we believe we would pay after we would complete our due diligence. You can include in this pool distressed assets whose last payment was four years ago (yes, we will buy distressed assets that are that old).

What is the total of the outstanding balances of the pool?
What percentage of the accounts have personal guarantors?
What percent of the
accounts have judgments?
What percentage of the accounts have complete documentation?
What are the earliest and latest dates of last payment of the accounts in the pool?
What is the type of collateral?

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