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& Easy

Empowering Sellers

It’s your choice when deciding what and when to sell to TBF. For most lenders and lessors, the best time to sell is at charge-off, also known as the write-off stage, after an account has been worked internally and the balance has been written down to zero. Some companies prefer to sell all their charge-offs to us. Others determine the pool of assets being sold by vintage, geography, quality, balance and/or pool size.

Easy Process

We ask for basic information on the pool of accounts you are selling, evaluate those accounts, make an offer, and wire payment after your company signs the purchase agreement. It’s fast and simple. We will work with you in a single engagement or multiple engagements over time, but many sellers establish a forward-flow relationship where they regularly sell us non-performing products at a pre-approved price. Transactions in forward-flow relationships are often handled online and move even faster, with payment wired within 24 hours.

Seller Benefits

The No. 1 reason finance companies sell non-performing accounts to TBF is to earn immediate cash at closing. This is a powerful benefit, but commercial debt selling offers other advantages, too. It frees up internal staff to focus on accounts that are earlier in the past-due cycle and more likely to be recovered. It’s also a future-proof strategy, providing a definite return at closing versus risking lower returns years from now.