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Online Lenders Scrutinize Collections With an Eye on the Economy

Posted on October 12, 2019 by Brett

TBF Financial announced the purchase of $60 million in non-performing commercial loans from a major fintech lender in September. At the time, I noted increasing interest in commercial debt selling from online small-business lenders and merchant cash advance (MCA) companies. The subject came up again at our panel presentation at LEND360 in Dallas and in discussions with some of you at the NEFA Funding Symposium in Atlanta.

So, what’s new in the fourth quarter?

TBF is experiencing growing demand from fintech lenders and MCAs. In the coming months, we could also see an uptick in volume from equipment lessors and banks – sectors that have been using commercial debt selling as part of their collections strategies for more than 20 years.

Why now? I believe three developments are underway:

  • Lenders and lessors are scrutinizing their collection strategies – especially for post-charge-off commercial loans and leases – in preparation for a possible economic slowdown.
  • The fintech lending industry is maturing.
  • Q4 is a traditional time to focus on getting cash in the door before year-end, and on improvements for the year ahead.

My contact information is below if you have questions about how commercial debt selling works and the benefits. We can also connect in person at the ELFA Convention in Washington, D.C., Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas or in Chicago near our headquarters. Helpful information is available throughout our website, as well.

Brett Boehm Brett Boehm is CEO for TBF Financial.
He can be reached at, phone 847-267-0660 or via LinkedIn.

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