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Immediate Cash
for Commercial

Money Tree

Why TBF?

We Are Innovators

Just as TBF Financial pioneered commercial debt buying in the equipment finance industry, our innovative strategy for recovering value from loan and lease charge-offs is also benefiting today’s fintech lenders and banks. TBF is the leading purchaser of non-performing equipment leases, commercial bank loans, online small business loans, merchant cash advances and commercial credit card accounts in the United States.

Quick & Easy

We ask for basic information on the pool of assets you are selling, evaluate the assets, make an offer, and wire payment after your company signs the purchase agreement. It’s fast and simple. Transactions in an established forward-flow relationship are often handled online and move even faster, with payment wired in 24 hours or less.

Aggressive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and flexible, based on decades of historical data and our goal of establishing a long-term relationship with you. We offer aggressive prices that reflect the assets’ fair market value – and, unlike some buyers, will never overpromise to win your initial business then fail to deliver.

Major Benefits

Earn immediate cash at closing for commercial loan and lease charge-offs you sell to TBF. This strategy will pay off for your company in other ways, too. Your staff can focus on earlier past-dues that are more likely to be recovered, for faster collections, and you’ll have a future-proof plan in place for managing rising defaults and predicting cash recoveries.

Industry Leaders


TBF Financial was founded in 1998 because our principals believed they could buy charged-off equipment leases at a price that would be attractive to sellers. They were right and a new industry practice was born. Today, TBF serves banks, fintech lenders and merchant cash advance companies as well as equipment finance businesses.

Transforming Debt

We Buy

Non-performing commercial accounts, up to four years old from the date of last payment, from online small business lenders, banks, equipment finance companies and merchant cash advance businesses. We purchase loans, cash advances, equipment leases, lines of credit and commercial credit card accounts that have personal guarantees, no personal guarantees, are secured, unsecured, pre-agency, post-agency, pre-litigation and/or reduced to judgment.

Empowering Sellers

You Sell

Non-performing products meeting your own criteria, whether by vintage, geography, quality, balance and/or pool size. Or, you may decide to sell all charge-offs. We will work with you in a single engagement or multiple engagements, but many sellers choose to establish a forward-flow relationship where they regularly sell us non-performing nationwide products at a pre-approved price.

Free Valuation

Get Started

New to commercial debt selling? If you are with an equipment finance company, bank, online commercial lender or merchant cash advance business, CEO Brett Boehm and the entire TBF team are ready to answer your questions and get you started. Contact us at or phone 847.267.0600. We will provide a free, no obligation estimate on the pool of assets you are selling.

Keep Informed


Learn about commercial debt buying and selling trends in your industry, recent deals and how companies like yours are benefiting from this strategy. Our news section includes blog posts, articles, news releases, videos and social media links. From time to time we also post news about upcoming events and opportunities to meet in person.